jass foley | Director of Photography / Cinematographer | Arri Alexa Plus

Kells Dreamscapes

Kells Dreamscapes is a series of images produced by photographer Jass Foley. 

Kells celebrated the 1,200th anniversary of the completion of the town in 2014. The monastery, founded by St. Colmcille, was once an epicenter of creativity in the known world- most famously being home to The Book of Kells. The evidence of this huge part of our history, as well as our more recent past, lies all around us in the town.

Jass uses large scale lighting to illuminate features of the town at night. This forms a completely new and unique view of the town that aims to capture the essence of the ancient creativity that Kells was once home to. Perhaps it is time to look upon Kells with new eyes and awaken the creative spirit that started it all. 

These are REAL PHOTOGRAPHS. No photoshop trickery, just large scale intricate lighting. See how the images were made over on my BLOG.

Kells Dreamscapes runs from 25th to 28th June 2015 alongside Hay Festival Kells, in Hetherton's Garage, Bective Square, Kells, Co. Meath.

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